Ground Cutter MK100P B&S (RS750) 5ZS


Walk-behind tractor "Neva" MB 2B Briggs&Stratton 6.5HP


Walk-behind tractor "Neva" MB-23B Briggs&Stratton 10.0HP


Motoblock MB23-MultiAGRO YAMAHA (MX250) PRO


New in 2019 year Front adapter KTZ


All road walk-behind tractor NEVA SET


Walk-behind tractor "Neva" 6.5 HP SET


Walk-behind tractor "Neva" 10 HP SET



«Mototehnika NEVA» - Leader in walk-behind tractor manufacture in Russia!

On base of the folk goods manufacturer, that was part of the well known aviation manufacturer "Krasny Oktyabr" (St. Petersburg) in year 2002. was made company named ZAO «Krasny Oktyabr-Neva», that started to produce small agrivulture techicque with barnd name «Mototehnika NEVA».

Now in ZAO "Krasny Oktyabr" trade chain there is about 160 companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belaruss, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia,Bulgary, Moldov, Armenia and Kazahstan. "Mototehnik NEVA" walk-behind tractors and motor tillers is sold in more than 250 shops and maintenance is provided in moore than 160 service centres.


«Mototehnika NEVA» - Technique that works!

Imeccable reputatin of "Mototehnika NEVA" is based on high quality of product and world known engine use as Briggs&Stratton, Subaru and Honda. In making of the models we use not only years of knowledge of our constructors but also inoovative aproach to manufacturing, that alows us to maintain our goals to make best products for ur customers. When we choose manufacturer of some parts we mainly work with partners that have been known for their reliance and stability.


Beware of counterfeits!

Nowdays struggle between producers of garden techique intensifies and sometimes fight seems not so fare. Many more times than earlier with ambiguous names that sellers connect with brand "Mototehnik NEVA" but ZAO "Krasny Oktyabr - Neva" wants to warn you that comppany makes products only with name "NEVA"


«Mototehnika NEVA» is made in St. Petersburg!

Some not so friendly sources make statements that "Mototehnik NEVA" is not prduced in Russia but in neighburing states. Thats why we wana tell you that thse accusations dont folloe the thruth and all ZAO "Krasny Oktyabr - Neva" prducts is made entierely in St. Petersburg. 

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Latvijas lauku serviss Ltd

„Latvijas lauku serviss” Ltd has been founded in year 2009.

Our main direction - forest and garden technics sale and service.

 "Latvijas lauku serviss" Ltd has made good partnership with ZAO «Krasny Oktyabr-Neva» where we as retailers are provided with oportunity to offer our clients NEVA products.

Our team will help you choose products that will fit you needs. And our expierienced service masters will make every purchased techinque preparation jobs and will give them to you in working order.