Lawnmower mulcher for MKM motorblock NEVA MB1 MB2 MB23

Lawnmower mulcher for MKM motorblock NEVA MB1 MB2 MB23


Suitable for motorcycles: МКМ OKA NEVA ZUBR WEIMA, etc.
Cutting width: 500 mm
Working speed: 05-4 km / h
Type: Mulcher trimmer
Cutting height: from 5 mm
Grass height: up to 500 mm


3 Times less time to mow the grass

Efficiency is increased by designing 2 knives at 25cm each, which is made possible by increasing the blade rotation speed to 40% thanks to their special design.

100% Save time on sharpening knives.

The blades are made of special alloy and have a unique construction. The blades are hardened at high current frequencies and are not afraid of colliding with the ground, rocks, branches, etc. during operation, which will save you 100% of the time with the knife sharpening.

100% Quality

All trimmer parts are made with the help of state-of-the-art laser machine and virtually without human intervention, which makes it 100% quality product

Cutting height range increased by 50%

Thanks to the special design it is possible to increase the cutting height, adjustable rails (slides) allow adjusting the cutting height from 5 to 100 mm.